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Corona Virus Closes Restaurants, People Order Food Online

In less than a month after the Corona Virus hit the United States, the way Americans live has changed drastically. The hardest hit areas is any Public gathering. To start the push for Social Distancing has made eating inside a Restaurant temporarily obsolete. These actions have forces the prepared food industry to get creative and having customers to Order Food Online.

Thank you Internet! With the Internet people are able to go onto their favorite food website and simply order online and pay online and just pick up their Delicious Hot Meal and go or have one of the many services like Grubhub, Postmates or door dash get it for you while you enjoy you netflix marathon.

SC Grill has began the transition to bring our mouth watering menu online. Just weeks away you can order any of our food like our delicious burgers or Gourmet SC rolls. Simply just pick them up at our currently posted open location.

At the current Spread rate of the Corona Virus it appears Online Orders and food pick up or delivery is here to stay for quite some time. I would not doubt that this simply becomes the new norm for most American lives for the foreseeable future. Social Distancing for the moment seems to be our biggest weapon in slowing the spread of the Covid 19 aka the Corona virus. Like always I wish everyone good health and to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly and avoid large crowds and stay home and enjoy time with your family.

SC Grill Catering Order Food Online Gourmet Egg Rolls
SC Grill Catering Order Food Online Gourmet Egg Rolls