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Safe Contactless Food Service

Sc Grill is now offering Safe Contactless Food Service and Ordering for HOA, CDD, Hospitals and any Large Companies . Let SCGrill come to your Community or Work Place and get Our Made To Order Delicious food with Safe Zero Human Contact.

Simply go to SCGRILL.COM and order online your favorite Meal. We Have our Mouth Watering Cheese Burgers or Amazing Gourmet Phili Cheese Steak Egg Rolls, and Don’t forget a side of our Truffle Tots. Then simply pay online with any Credit or Debit Card. Finally, Come down to our Trailer. We will have your Hot Meal made specifically for you in a sealed bag on a Table. This creates a Safe Contact-less Environment.

During the Current Covid 19 “CoronaVirus” out break SC Grill takes Social Distancing And Stopping the Spread Of the Virus Very Seriously. That is why we now Offer This Service! We Can Helpl Large Essential Employers such as Hospital Employees, HOA Communities, Especially Retirement Communities where the Virus is Most Dangerous.

This Contactless Food Service allows Employees and Residents a Safe Alternative to get a Hot Fresh Meal. The best part you never leave your work place or community. Most Importantly there is absolutely no contact with another person.

Call us at 727-807-1010 or Email us At for any questions or to Book Us for a Day at Your Work Place Or Community.