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Types Of Catering

First, Catering is different everywhere you go. Most people think Catering is either a wedding or Simple tin trays of various foods. Next, it’s Usually Italian food or some other Simplified comfort food. There is also a New Area Of Catering or Mobile Vending provided by Food Trucks or Concession Trailers. The Mobile Types of Catering Have become Popular because it’s Fresh Food Made to order. Some caterers will use Tin Trays and chafing racks when food needs to be left hot for longer periods of time. This type of catering when involving hot food usually ranges from around $10-$25 a Person. While a staffed event like a wedding usually is going to be more than $40 a person. However, Mobile Catering Truck Or Trailer Can be $12 to $20 a Head Usually, But Gets Cheaper per head with more people.

Types Of Catering Trailers
Mobile Caterer

Types Of Catering Events

Anniversary Party Or Vow Renewal Catering.

Bar Mitzvah Party.

Birthday Party Catering.

Corporate Party Event.

Customer Appreciation Event.

Employee Appreciation Party.

Gender Reveal Party.

Going Away Party.

Graduation Party.

House Warming Party.

Retirement Party.

Super Bowl Party.

Wedding Reception or Party Catering.

As you can see there a many different Types Of Catering. SC Grill Provides Mobile Food Vending and Mobile Catering. Our Type of Catering is ordered and cooked on location so your guest get a choice of their Meal and a hot fresh made to order one. Ask About SC Grill’s Mobile Ordering is a Wonderful Advantage, So your Guest don’t have to wait.